Basement Finishing


Do you have an unfinished basement in your home? Do you sometimes imagine what it would be like to have the ultimate finished basement?

At Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle, one of our specialities is basement finishing. When you hire us, you instantly add usable space and value to your home. So stop dreaming, stop searching for basement finishing near me. You have found the basement finishing contractors at Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle and we are going to make your dream basement a reality.

First of all, since our basement contractors specialize in basement remodeling, basement renovation, and finished basements, we think it’s important to define what a basement finishing project exactly is. A finished basement is when our team gets to start from scratch with an untouched basement. Finished basements can include the installation of drywall, flooring, plumbing and ventilation. Our basement contractors are literally working with a completely blank canvas for this project. 

Basement finishing

Some of our most requested finished basement projects have included:

  • A rental suite to offset your current mortgage
  • A wet bar
  • A home theater
  • A guest room
  • An in-law suite
  • A playroom for the kids
  • A wine cellar
  • A second kitchen space or a kitchenette
  • An added bedroom for your growing family 
  • An additional bathroom. We can install a full or half bathroom. Your choice! 
  • A library 
  • A game room 
  • A home gym
  • A home office/business center. We can even add a separate entrance for your clients to use. 

We know you have some additional questions for us. Trust us, we get it. Deciding to finish your basement can seem overwhelming. Let’s clear up some of the most popular questions we get at Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle:

How much does it cost to finish a basement? 
At Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle, we always believe in being open and upfront with our customers especially when it comes to their budgets. We will always respect the budgets of our customers. No exceptions! 

There are several factors that will influence the basement finishing cost. The most prominent factors in determining the cost to finish a basement include custom services, artisan features, brand names, types of materials chosen, and the size of your existing basement. 

Other factors that influence cost are your foundation type; preparation needed before we can start finishing your basement; the location of your water heater, furnace, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems; and any relocations or adjustments based on the height and overall design of your ceiling. We always advise our customers that the average cost to finish a basement ranges from $50-$70 per square foot. 

Please keep in mind that this is not our first day. We have been finishing basements for several years now. We have worked with a variety of budgets and will continue to do so. We know we can make your budget for your new finished basement work. 

How long does it take to finish a basement? 
In our experience, basement projects can be completed within eight to 12 weeks. But we always remind our customers that every basement project we take on is unique because each and every one of our customers is unique.

At Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle, we have a tried and tested procedures in place for coming up with a complete schedule and timeline for our customers. And of course we always keep your schedule and commitments in mind when coming up with a final schedule to finish your basement. 

Does Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle pull the required permits or is that my responsibility? 
Relax, we look after all the required permits to finish your basement. Our team will also schedule any required site inspections. You truly get a one-stop shop when you hire us. 

Contact our team today to schedule a free, comprehensive, basement finishing consultation at your convenience. It’s time to put your unfinished basement to good use.