Basement Windows


At Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle, we of course specialize in basement remodeling, basement renovations, and basement finishing. But another essential service we offer to our customers is basement window replacement.

Each basement window installer on our team is certified, bonded and insured. Our team takes immense pride in installing your basement windows. We ensure that all steps of the installation process are done properly and according to regulations the first time. We also take the time to offer our customers basement window maintenance information and our customer friendly warranty packages ensure your peace of mind.

At Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle, we only use the highest quality windows and installation materials to ensure that the lifetime of your windows is accompanied by equally long lasting caulking, sealants, spray foam, and rustproof hardware and trim.

Our windows are custom made to withstand the environmental elements, ensure no drafts and unwanted water enters your basement or leaks out, and to suit the look and function of your basement. We also have plenty of window locking mechanism options to discuss with you so you can be assured that your basement is extra safe and secure.

But how do you know if you need to replace your basement windows? In our experience some signs that you need to replace your windows include: 

  • The opening, closing and locking mechanisms of your current windows are defective.
  • If your local regulations require you to have egress windows in your basement and you don’t already have them.
  • You keep noticing persistent drafts or condensation between the panes of glass on the windows in your basement.
  • There’s visible damage to the glass on your basement windows. 
  • Your current basement window frames appear to be rotten and/or contain rust. 
  • There’s visible water leakage from your windows. 
  • You can detect visible mold around your windows. 

The type of windows you choose for your basement all depends on what you intend to use your basement for. Our basement window installers offer both egress windows and hopper windows. And if you are unsure of what windows you should choose for your basement, don’t worry. We can expertly advise you on what windows would be best for your basement. 

An egress window is a window that is easy to open and is large enough for an adult to go through to exit easily during emergency situations. For safety and regulatory reasons, an egress window basement is a must if you intend to use your basement for a living space such as an extra bedroom, an in-law suite, or a rental suite. We often find that basement windows do not comply with egress requirements, so we are well versed in converting non-egress windows into egress windows.

Another replacement basement windows option are hopper windows. Hopper windows are a popular choice for basement windows as long as your basement is not being used for dwelling such as the case if your basement is being used for an extra bedroom, in-law suite, or a rental suite. Hopper windows are not intended to be used as a means of escape during an emergency.

One of the most common views of basements is that they are dark, stuffy, and musty. A hopper window is a great solution for these issues. Hopper windows are typically wide and have a bottom hinge that allows them to be opened inwardly for decent ventilation. Hopper windows are popular as basement windows as they are also known for letting a lot of light into your basement.

Contact our basement window installers today for a free, comprehensive, no obligation and in-home basement window consultation at your convenience. We’ll get your basement shiny, bright and safe.