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Think of your basement like an artist looking at a blank canvas. There are plenty of possibilities and unlimited potential before you.

Our creative basement contractors at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle are here to turn your basement into a true work of art.

To get started we need to determine which basement project suits your needs and budget:

Basement renovation – When you choose to undergo a basement renovation, you are looking to restore, upgrade and refine your basement to its original state or even better. Changes such as making repairs, installing new fixtures, adding a basement window or storage capacity, or updating the space to reflect more modern designs, trends, and functionality. This type of project tends to be smaller in overall scope and more affordable than the options below.

Basement remodeling – A basement remodeling takes the premise of a basement renovation a step further. Here you are looking at reconfiguring your space. This project is larger and more complex in scale and can involve making changes to structure, design, and layout. It also requires more of a time commitment and cost of materials.

Basement finishing – For a basement finishing, you are starting from the beginning. In a way you are looking to get your basement to the same level as your upstairs living areas. This is big time and this process can include the installation of flooring, walls, electrical systems, heat, level ceiling and an accessible entrance and/or stairway. Naturally, this project is the most costly and time invasive of all three options.

Take a deep breath and relax. You have found our team at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle. We have plenty of experience and basement remodeling ideas. Contact us today to talk to an expert basement contractor for a free consultation.

About Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle

We have a confession to make: our team at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle is not your typical basement remodeling company

We are passionate about all things basements and we have years of experience in basement renovation, basement finishing and basement remodeling. 

But what’s more important to us is you – our customers and we take immense pride in our commitment to customer service and open communication policies. 

Inspired by our local co-founders, we are not looking to cut corners or utilize deceptive tactics to acquire your business. We’d rather use only the highest grade materials and be transparent for all of your questions. We don’t just want you to love your new basement, we want you to leave this experience with more knowledge about our overall processes as well. 

We have a stellar reputation and we have every intention of keeping it that way. 

Contact a basement remodeler today for a free, thorough consultation. We are here for you.


So let’s keep things simple. At Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle, we do basements!

Each basement contractor at our company is ready to take on basement remodeling, basement finishing, and basement renovation.

Anything you need done in your basement, we are the experts to call.

We have thousands of basement remodel ideas and we want to create a space for you that is better designed and more functional for your needs.

If you’re embarrassed about your current basement, we’re ready to turn that frown upside down by transforming and uplifting the space. Whether you’re interested in installing basement windows, more storage, a wine cellar, a playroom for your kids, a basement rental suite, a home theater to host movies and events for your friends, or all of the above…a basement contractor on our team is ready to make your dreams a reality.

Contact us today. Let’s do this…together!

Basement Remodeling

Basement remodeling takes the premise of a basement renovation a step further. For this project, you are looking at reconfiguring your current space. It can involve making changes to structure, design, and layout.

I bet you are wondering: are there basement remodeling contractors near me?

Y-E-S!! The basement remodeling contractors at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle have plenty of solutions to address any shortcomings in your current basement space.

The process begins with one question: what is your ultimate dream basement? With your answer(s) a basement contractor on our team will arrange a visit that is convenient for your schedule to inspect your current space, hear all your must-haves, and then come up with a budget and action plan to get you the space you deserve.

Whether you are looking for a space to enjoy your hobbies, a place to relax and escape the daily grind, a home office space, more storage, a game room, a home theater, or a home gym…our basement contractors have made hundreds of basement dreams come true. Now it’s your turn!

But how much does basement remodeling cost?

There are many variables to consider for determining your total basement remodel cost. We’ll be totally transparent with you: it all hinges on how you want to use the basement space. The bigger the change, naturally the bigger the budget.

We assure you that basement remodeling is a sound and smart investment. Here are just some of the benefits to a basement remodel:
A basement remodel instantly adds considerable value to your home. You’re automatically looking at an investment return of about 70 percent.
If you are looking to sell your home, it’s been proven time and again that buyers favor homes that have a basement that is already done.
It adds quality social and familial value to your home. Bonus: you can spend more time at home and less money on entertainment elsewhere.
The improvements can help you save on your utility bills.
If you decide to install a basement rental suite, you have a secondary, solid income source each month.
Whatever you choose to do to your basement, you will have a more functional and complete space than you had before.

Contact our team at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle today. Let’s get your remodel in gear!

Basement Finishing

When you decide to finish your basement, you are basically starting over. Don’t fret, this doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor! Think of this project as getting your basement space to the same level as your upstairs living areas. 

Still, we want to be honest with you. This is a big-time! A finished basement can include the installation of flooring, walls, electrical systems, heat, level ceilings, soundproofing, and/or an accessible entrance and/or stairway. 

Time for some tough love here: this is not a DIY project you can undertake by yourself. So naturally, you are wondering, is there a basement finishing near me?

Allow us to formally introduce ourselves. We are the team at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle and we have helped hundreds of clients by constructing the finished basement of their dreams. Whether you are looking to install a rental suite, a playroom sanctuary for your kids, a home gym, a home office, a wine cellar, a library, a music room….the possibilities and potential are truly endless. Let your imagination do the talking and we’ll do the work!

Your next question is most likely: how much does it cost to finish a basement? 

The average cost to finish a basement is approximately $10,000 – $30,000. But we assure you the cost to finish a basement is absolutely worth it.

 Let’s check out just a few reasons why:

  • You’re making the most out of every square foot of your home. 
  • You will reduce your utility costs. We don’t have to tell you that having unfinished basement walls lets in drafts, meaning you lose heat and money. 
  • Finished basements means instant value for homeowners. If you are looking to sell your home, potential buyers will pay more for a property if the basement is already done for them. 
  • Basement finishing equals more space to utilize in your home and thus more space to make everlasting memories.

It is undeniable that any basement finishing cost is a wise investment that will pay for itself and more over time. 

Contact our basement contractors at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle today for a free, thorough, and no-obligation consultation. Let’s get your basement finishing started, so you can start enjoying your basement again! 

Basement Contractor

I’m sure you’re familiar with the old-fashioned renovation advice that warns you to take your quote from a renovation company and double or even triple it to get your real estimate!

Naturally, you don’t want that! So we’re sure you’re wondering: are there basement contractors near me that won’t give me a false estimate for my basement remodeling, finishing, or renovation? 

The answer is yes! We don’t do that. Our basement contractors at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle believe in honest and hassle-free customer service for every step of our projects, even after our work is completed. We are here to work for you, and we’re going to go beyond our best! 

We are not your typical basement contractors…we’re much better! Here’s what our basement contractors guarantee for you:

  • Completion on time and on budget.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • A clear and honest estimate. 
  • Multiple years of satisfied customers.
  • Knowledge of and absolute compliance with all zoning bylaws and building codes.
  • Certified and insured basement contractors.
  • Free comprehensive and no-obligation consultation that’s convenient for your schedule.
  • Customer-friendly and accessible warranty processes.

Our finish basement contractors are here to remove any guessing and uncertainty out of making your basement your ultimate space. We excel at clear communication, realistic expectations, and focused coordination and execution. 

Our founders have always firmly believed and demonstrated that we should rise above our competition by insisting on higher building standards, utilizing only regulation quality and when possible environmentally friendly materials and keeping customer service as our top priority – no exceptions. We don’t have to tell you that this company-wide philosophy still is something that will ring true then, now and forever. 

We are a finish basement contractor that is committed to keeping up with the latest techniques, procedures, and knowledge in our field in order to better ourselves and fulfill our commitments to all of our customers. 

We have basement finishing contractors, basement remodeling contractors, and basement renovation contractors to transform your basement space. Contact us today for more information and get ready for everyone to be envious of your new and improved basement. 

Basement Renovation

When you choose to push play on a basement renovation, you are looking to restore, upgrade and refine your current basement space to its original state or even better. The basement renovation process can involve making repairs, installing new fixtures such as basement windows, lighting, and storage, and updating your space to reflect more modern designs, trends, and functionality. 

Our basement contractors at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle have made hundreds of basements. It’s time to give your space the ultimate nip and tuck. 

When you contact us, we will meet with you to tour and inspect your basement. We want to hear all about your basement renovation ideas for the space, your needs, and your budget.

With our extensive experience and training with design, construction, building regulations, and estimation, we will be able to provide you with an upfront and clear estimate for the project – all before we draw up a contract. There is truly no need to stress about hidden fees or surprises. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, involvement and transparency. 

You’re probably wondering, how much do basement renovations cost? 

We’ll be completely open with you. A basement renovation cost can range from $30-$75 per square foot. It all depends on the layout, action plan and materials for the project. But we want you to know that our pricing is not only fair, it’s competitive. We aren’t just about seeking a profit like some of our competitors. Our job is not considered complete unless you are completely satisfied and overjoyed with your new and improved space. 

We look at each basement project as a unique and blank canvas that we can’t wait to create one. In the end, you’ll be left with a space that is truly a masterpiece of craftsmanship, attention to detail, function, and comfort. And as a bonus, while we are in the creation zone, we will keep you completely informed about every step of the process. As a result, any questions or concerns you may have can be communicated and addressed before we continue on with your basement renovation.

Contact our team today. We have so many basement renovation ideas to share with you. Get ready for a basement that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Basement Remodel Ideas

One of the best reasons for basement remodeling is having the freedom and control to customize your current space. You have the power to make it any way you want. 

And our basement contractors at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle are completely onboard the custom train to make sure your basement gets done right. Whether you are looking for modern basement ideas, small basement ideas, finished basement ideas, basement renovation ideas, and/or basement remodel ideas…we have hundreds of basement design ideas for you.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the unlimited possibilities for your new basement: 

  • Basement rental suite – With the housing market currently on the rise, installing a basement rental suite is one of the most popular basement remodel ideas with our customers. The benefits of a rental suite are two fold. First, it can help make home ownership more affordable for you with a dependable monthly income coming in. Second, this is your first step in establishing a real estate portfolio. Talk about a win, win!
  • Children’s playroom – Tired of having your children’s toys scattered throughout your living spaces? Have you stepped on one too many pieces of Lego? You need a playroom in your basement! We can build you the ultimate play place for your children, their friends and most importantly all their toys! You’re welcome. 
  • Entertainment space – Are you looking for a place to comfortably watch all your favorite movies, series or even the big game? Let us write the script for an amazing home theater in your own basement. We can even install a bar. Not only will you be making memories, but you’ll also be saving the money you’d spend going out for entertainment. Pass the popcorn! 
  • Guest room – Love having family or friends visit, but still need your own space? Installing a guest room in your basement is a sanity-preserving convenience. We promise you’ll actually look forward to houseguests again. 

These are just a taste of the hundreds of basement ideas we look forward to sharing with you. Contact us today for a free, thorough and no obligation consultation. We want to hear what you want out of your basement space…and make it happen!

Basement Windows

F. Scott Fitzerald once said, “Life is much more successfully looked at from a single window.”  No matter what type of window, be it egress windows or hopper windows, all windows are truly powerful vessels. They let the sunlight and cool air in. They provide a screen to safely view rain and snow storms. 

Whether you are looking at installing replacement basement windows or making the switch to an egress window basement as part of a basement remodeling project, an expert basement window installer at Cozy Basement Remodeling of New Rochelle will be there for all your basement windows needs. 

Some important words of advice: we know that so many homeowners like to take on DIY projects. We admit it, we love this can-do enthusiasm. But we can not in good conscience recommend that you install basement windows by yourself. It doesn’t matter what kind of window you are installing – whether it’s an egress window, hopper window, awning window, sliding window, or casement window – there is no warranty if you choose to install the window by yourself. That’s a big risk to take on. 

Our basement window installers are not only certified and insured, but they also have the knowledge to determine any problem areas within your basement drywall or foundation. We are able to accurately determine if you need any additional work done before we begin any window installation. This way any small issues are addressed and don’t manifest into bigger problems. It’s just not worth the gamble. 

We’ll be crystal clear (just like your windows): Not having your basement windows installed by those with the professional and qualified skill sets can lead to further damage to any and all of your windows and thus your home.

One of the most common questions our customers ask us is how they know if they need to consider basement window replacement. Here are some clear signs to watch out for:  

  • Water leakage 
  • Issues with the window locks
  • Windows are difficult to open or close
  • Persistent condensation
  • Excessive cold drafts
  • Visible mold
  • Pane damage
  • Rusty or rotten window frames

Contact us today with all your basement window enquiries. It’s time to look out into the world from your brand new basement windows.