Basement Remodel Ideas


At Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle, our basement contractors naturally specialize in basement remodeling. It’s right there in our name. (Psst,  we also do basement renovation and basement finishing too!)

Just a bit of a refresher: a basement remodel is when our basement remodeling contractors completely transform, remake and reconfigure the look and layout of your current basement. Think of a basement remodel as an extreme makeover for your basement. You’re not going to recognize your basement after we get our hands on it. And we mean that in a good way!

Basement Remodel ideas

If you are interested in any type of basement project, you have found the right team. Our basement contractors have hundreds of basement remodel ideas, basement renovation ideas, and finished basement ideas to share with you. These basement ideas include: 

  • Overall basement design ideas
  • Modern basement ideas
  • Traditional basement ideas 
  • Small basement ideas
  • Medium basement ideas
  • Large basement ideas  

Some of our most requested basement remodel ideas have included:

  • A rental suite – We can turn your basement into a rental suite to offset your current mortgage. 
  • A wet bar –  Who wouldn’t want their own bar in their basement? Family and friends will love to gather in this new space!
  • A home theater – Watch your favorite movies, sporting events and/or binge your favorite series all in the comfort of your own home. And best of all, no more overpaying for theater snacks!
  • A guest room or second bedroom – Do you need more space for your growing family?  We build regulation approved basement bedrooms for our clients on a regular basis. We can also install new egress windows and entry doors. 
  • An in-law suite – Do you have aging parents or other relatives that you would like to move into your home, but you still want them to have their own space and privacy? We build code approved in-law suites all the time. 
  • A playroom for the kids – Do you need more space for your children to play? Are their toys taking over other areas of your home? We build awesome playrooms, so now is the time for you to take back control of your castle, er we mean house. 
  • A second bathroom – We can add a half or full bathroom affordably. 
  • A game room – A game room is always a big hit with friends and family. Whether your game is billiards, pinball or poker…we can design and build your dream game space. 
  • A home gym – You will always get your workout in when you can do it in your own home. Say goodbye to high gym membership fees and people who hog all the good cardio machines. 
  • A home office/business center – Show the ultimate level of professionalism right from your own home. We can even add a separate entrance for your clients to use. 
  • A library – Whether you collect vintage books or comic books, show off your collection and make your fellow bookworms jealous. 
  • A wine cellar – Store your collections of white, red, rosé and more in a cellar designed specifically for your collection. 
  • A second kitchen space or a kitchenette – An extra kitchen is perfect for hosting large gatherings especially around the holidays. A kitchenette allows you to store, serve and make drinks and snacks without having to leave your basement.

When you hire Cozy Basement Remodeling New Rochelle, you have the opportunity to dream big when it comes to your basement. No idea is too outlandish for us. Trust us we’ve heard it all! We can’t wait to collaborate with you to give you the ultimate basement.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation, comprehensive, and in-home basement consultation. We’ll even bring our massive portfolio and customer referrals to get you excited and inspired about all the potential your basement has to offer.